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A LIVE INTERNET SHOW, by former Radio Broadcasters. Based in San Antonio, Texas, where the focus is our hometown Aka “The Old Neighborhood”! Trying to keep the spirit alive for radio broadcasting, by focusing on the Culture & Community of our city. Even better San Antonian’s living in other parts of the world can listen to our show and FEEL like they’re in San Antonio! Whatever is on the minds of San Antonians, we’re talking about it. We’re Live- 6-8a Mon thru Fri, all other hours are rebroadcasts of that day’s show. And on weekends, hear shows from the previous week.

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Team - The Founding Tortillas

Hector Reyes

Born & raised in San Antonio! Loves talkingabout things happening in the Old Neighborhood, good or bad! Originally from the Southside of San Antonio, our family moved to the North side Because IH-37 needed to be built Radio career began 1975 at KTSA/KTFM In 1985 teamed up with his college buddy Sonny Rio, and spent 25+ years waking up San Antonio & The Rio Grande Valley, on various radio stations: KTFM- KSAQ 96 -MAGIC 105.3 San Antonio and B-104 Edingburg, Tx   Inducted in to  the Texas Radio Hall Of Fame in 2014, along with Sonny Rio. 2017 Inducted into the SAN ANTONIO RADIO HALL OF FAME.

In 2014, with technology rapidly changing, the realization of a LIVE INTERNET SHOW is possible! “The Big Tortilla Morning Show” was re-born. A live Internet talk show! Using our in home studio’s  Joined by the many friends made along the way, Lee Woods, *Gilbert Guzman *John Garcia & *Rick Diego (Bernal), *allformer students at SAC and where we met. Other cast members include Carlotta the Enchilada (retired Delta Flight Attendant & avid Sports Buff, Roland JRuiz, Tim Mckee, Comedian Kim Kerley and so many other contributors. 

Our Very Talented Friends

John Garcia

John Garcia was born in a log cabin somewhere along the Medina River. He was educated at the school of hard knocks and trained in the martial laws of the hill country. Most of his time as an adult was spent raising cane and sprouts out on the left coast. Now he is just raising hell on Pure SAN Antonio Talk.com That, and he flies a mean kite now and again

Officer Gilbert Guzman (Retired Law Enforcement)

I was born in a log cabin in the middle of August, in the town of San Antonio.  From an early age; I had to walk to school in the snow. Uphill both ways.

I ended up at Luther Burbank where I learned how to feed pigs and ride horses, which prepared me to go to San Antonio college where I took RTF. I learned quick and was off to west coast.  I hung out with celebrities and did TV, radio, wrote songs and sang in the Lorne Radford Band.

I returned to Texas and pursued radio, acted and wrangled in a few movies and television shows, so I, naturally gravitated to becoming a Texas Peace Officer. I made a career of it, retired, became a body guard and all the while, continued to be a a cast member on the Big Tortilla Morning Show.

The End...or is it?!

Lee Woods

Upon discharge from the USAF having served 5 years. Lee decided to pursue a careerin Broadcasting. In 1974 he enrolled at San Antonio College for one semester then he took the fast track at Elkins Institute and soon was working at KBER.IN 1975, he was hired at KONO/KITY first for the 7p-Mid on KITY and later that year to KONOS News Center as 7p-Mid anchor. For the next 30 years Lee had asuccessful career in Radio and Television. During a 6 year stint as KONO's program director he had the highest ratings of all AM radio music stations in the country. He was inducted into the Texas Radio Hall of Fame in 2011.


Nicknamed The Enchilada, Carlotta was hired on as a Flight Attendant for Delta Air Lines in 1974 out of Houston.  It didn’t take her long to mesh her love of sports with the job.  In her 2nd year of flying, she worked an AJ Foyt charter and got to go the Indy 500.  She also worked several flights for the Houston Aeros hockey team and did charter flying with the Texas Rangers, Boston Red Sox, Cleveland Indians, Minnesota Twins, New York Yankees and LA Dodgers.  She retired and relocated to the Texas Hill Country after her career with Delta of over 30 years.  

She held as many “jobs” as the number of years she lived there — worked at a camp, receptionist in a travel center, meet and greet at a fitness center, assisted two VPs at an airplane manufacturer (who built a turbo-prop for NASCAR champion Matt Kenseth),database management for a home plans designer, website maintenance for several organizations and On-Air “Side-Kick”/Sportscaster for a radio station. She organized the first Bark For Life in Texas, a canine fundraiser for the American Cancer Society and chaired the event for the several years. 

In her “spare” time, one of her Boxers and her volunteered doing CanineLiteracy at an elementary school and Canine Support at nursing homes and health rehabilitation facilities.   She has been writing sports columns entertaining readers with a female’s perspective of sports and life experiences since 2012 for two magazines in the Hill Country.   Lottasports.com is “home” for all of her columns.   In 2013, she relocated back to the DFW area, a playground for many sports, then joined this team the following year.  In addition to a passion for sports, her four-leggedchildren — Boxers puppies Katie and Jake — keep her on her toes and sometimes at the ER.!

Tim Mckee, Broadcaster, Drummer, Singer, Percussionist

Tim’s broadcast career actually began before he was born.  His mother, Joan McKee, was the host of the popular locally-produced cooking show, The Mary Carter Show on WOAI-TV,in the middle to late 1950’s: pregnant with Tim on her last season of the show in 1957.  As for Tim’s actual broadcasting career, it began while in Junior High School doing radio and TV commercials.  After High School, Tim attended San Antonio College where he studied Radio, Television & Film.

After college, Tim worked at KCCW, KONO,WOAI-FM, KAJA, KFAN, Traffic Central, KISS-FM, KSMG and KLUP.  His responsibilities ranged from part to full time, from on air talent to production director.  Along with his 27 years in radio, Tim was also a volunteer on-camera spokesperson for public TV, KLRN, for 13 years.

Born and raised in San Antonio, Texas, and educated in the San Antonio School District system, Tim McKee started his music career playing Viola for the Mark Twain Junior High School Orchestra. Transitioning to percussion in his 8th grade year when Mark Twain’s music directors changed and so did the music department, from orchestra to concert band. Later at Thomas Edison High School, Tim played in the very popular “Stage Band”.   Throughout high school and college, Tim was the drummer for local bands, Union Jack Express, Renaissance R&R, The New World Band, Phase IV, Country Wine as well as many well known artists such as Freddy Fender, The Ink Spots, The Coasters, The Drells (Archie Bell & The Drells) and the Hagger Brothers.

Today, Tim’s musical career is as busy as ever having performed with The Psychedelic Jukebox, Midcrown,as well as the praise team band at Cross Roads Presbyterian Church, Steel Belted Radio, and now Midlife Crises.

Tim is also a professional pilot flying for an air ambulance company in San Antonio. “Mixing a full time career as a pilot and part time career as a drummer isn’t easy, but having the chance to perform and entertain folks is well worth it. I love playing music, guess that’s why it’s been in my blood for nearly 5 decades. I’m also living the dream by being a pilot.”

Chris Michaels, Voice Over Artist and Mimic